4-Hole Wide Bottom Polished Stainless Steel License Frame

4-Hole Wide Bottom Polished Stainless Steel License Frame

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Beautiful plain polished finish stainless steel license plate frame (tag holder). Made in the USA, completely in one plant for total quality control. Every 4-hole wide bottom license plate frame kit comes complete with a variety of stainless steel and zinc coated hardware and matching snap cap covers for the ultimate installation and look. Guaranteed forever against rust! Also, there's no reason why a license plate frame should weigh nearly a pound (like cast frames). Frames are not sold by the pound, they are purchased for beauty and durability, neither of which is enhanced by adding unnecessary weight. Optional Plexiglas plate cover protects your registration decals from theft.

These frames have a wide bottom that will cover the two bottom holes on your license plate and everything below.

Please note: A variety of stainless steel and zinc coated screws are assorted and "non-specific" to any particular vehicle, but do accommodate most vehicles.

Standard size frames are approx. 6 3/8 x 12 3/8 inches. Bottom height is 1 inch.

These are 304 stainless steel constructed frames with a mirror quality finish made in the USA! They will match the chrome on your vehicle.

Frames are sold individually with a lifetime warranty.


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